Interview with the IAU OAD European Regional Office Coordinator

Michelle Willebrands of the European Regional Office

Michelle Willebrands, the coordinator of the European Regional Office, talks to Space in Africa about the activities of the E ROAD in Africa and opportunities for collaborations between Europe and Africa.

Michelle Willebrands is the project officer of the European Regional Office of the Office of Astronomy for Development. The European Office was the 10th Regional Office launched in 2018 as a joint venture between Leiden University in the Netherlands and the European Astronomical Society. The E-ROAD aims to further the SDGs in Europe, but it will also facilitate collaboration among the global network of regional offices and share European expertise and knowledge with its sister offices. Its vision is for the European Astronomical Community to contribute significantly to the achievement of the sustainable development of our planet at local, regional and global levels.

Michelle has a degree in astronomy and science communication from Leiden University.