Final report

Looking …Up! Astronomy for All”1 aimed to promote inclusive astronomy education and to highlight the need of integrate innovative teaching of the Astronomy in the Curriculum. The key projects tasks, towards this objectives, were:

  • creating, printing and disseminating educational posters and promotional material,
  • Open Days: open to public Observational Days in Special Education Schools (in the widerregion of Thessaloniki/ Central Makedonia / Greece)
  • Workshops for Teachers in parallel of Observational Days at Special Education Schools
  • two, 2-day Workshops for Teachers, one on Media in science teaching practice –Movies on Astronomy at School (in Greek) and one on Video – software & apps / Video &Astronomy (in English) and
  • a global video competition on Astronomy.

The project also developed a number of resources:

  • Educational Posters on Astronomy/Space – solar system in scale (+ tactile version), the structure of terrestrial planets & icy moons (+ tactile version), SUSY model and a few 3D red-cyan posters (combining images from ESA, NASA etc). Educational posters (1) and Educational Posters (2) 
  • Informative Posters – Templates for Open Days, Teachers’ Workshops and Exhibition’s posters were created Leaflets & Bookmarks
  • A plethora of educational posters, tactile material and tactile bookmarks was created for Visual Impaired Pupils – on our solar system, the planets and icy moons. Tactile resources

In order to design all the material (logo, leaflets, educational posters), we took into account matters on color blindness and the Color Universal Design approach.

A number of events were organized as part of the project:

  • five Open Days at numerous of Special Education Schools (in the wider region of
    Thessaloniki/ Central Makedonia / Greece)
  • Teachers workshops – Media in science teaching practice and Video – software & apps / Video &
  • Astroparties
  • Video competition

Project report (PDF)
Project resources (PDF) 

Project webpage