Elimisha Msichana Elimisha Jamii na Astronomia (Educate a Girl Educate the entire Community with Astronomy)

Due to several socio-economic issues such as early marriages, teenage pregnancies & poverty, schoolgirl dropout rates are high in rural areas of Kenya & Uganda during the primary-to-secondary transitions. EMEJA aims to address these issues via Astronomy outreach programmes, mentorship, & targeted STEM workshops and scholarships opportunities. These are guided & supported by long-term student tracking & monitoring to ensure that schoolgirls in these regions complete secondary education. In a span of 3 years, we aim to reach over 5,000 schoolgirls (11-19yr olds) in ~50 schools through:
I.Mentorship & outreach: EMEJA will mentor and support girls in their final year of primary education through Astronomy outreach. During these events, we shall highlight & discuss positive ways the community can tackle some of these socio-economic issues e.g., teenage pregnancies.
II.Tracking & long-term monitoring: To ensure a 100% primary-secondary education transition, each EMEJA Mentee will be paired with a lifelong mentor-followed by long term tracking & monitoring throughout high school-via regular phone calls and one-on-one events. Mentors are local college/university educated young women (see no. 9a).
III.Astro-STEM Workshops & Mentorship: provide intensive astronomy themed workshops targeting Years 1&2 female students in high school. Aims; i) Change STEM misconceptions & promote early participation of girls in sciences, improve grades, increase number of girls selecting Physics & sitting for the Physics national examination; ii). Long term-development & creation of resources for these schools, (particularly in Physics labs).
IV.Computer Literacy:. Aims; i) create computer literacy among these populations by offering introduction to hands-on computing during Astro-STEM workshops; ii) develop & create computer resources.
V.EMEJA tuition fee scholarship: sponsor girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, who would otherwise fail to enroll for secondary education.