Girls Astronomy Camp Abuja, Nigeria

The project aims to host an astronomy camp for girls in Abuja, Nigeria because Northern Nigeria have the country’s worst girl-child education. Figures from the Federal office of Statistics in Nigeria shows that, only 20% of literate women are from the North. It is believed that gender inequality in Northern Nigeria is promoted by religious and communal customs, which has grave consequences for both the individual and the society, making a girl-child dysfunctional member of the society. This innovative astronomy camp would give the children the first taste of space science and technology. Our target is to select fifty girls from different primary schools in Abuja, Nigeria for a camping exercise. The girls will learn about astronauts and space missions to add to their knowledge of spaceflights and a little bit of mathematics. This is more likely to increase children’s interest in space research and space-based technology. We will run through presentations and exercises between 16:00 and 19:00 to prepare the pupils for night observation session. The night observation session will run from 19:30 to 20:15 and camp closes by 20:30.







Gender Equality