East Africa School of Astronomy

Astronomy showed significant development in East African region in terms of human capacity building, infrastructural development, education, research and trainings. Establishment and opening ups of Astronomy and space science departments and institutes, establishment of research groups such as East Africa Astronomical Research network (EAARN) in the region have created an opportunity for students to easily get a chance to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate study in their own and/or neighbouring countries. This has also played a role in gradual incremental of student intakes that are joining the field in the region. As a result in the near future it is expected that there will be a large number of professionals working in astronomy and astronomy related data science fields. However, being equipped with modern astronomical instruments and human capital by itself could not ensure the region in getting sustainable development from Astronomy. Modern instruments in the region need to be functional and resources should be shared and used efficiently, scientific outputs should be published and should attract scientists around the globe. These require skilled and well trained experts in the field and formal training by itself is not sufficient to address this gap. The main idea of the project is to strengthen the east Africa region astronomical community partnership via science diplomacy and deliver short-term training that focus on improving skills and competitiveness of early career BSc and MSc graduates and students in astronomy and science related fields with well organized regional platform. EA-SA training incorporates how to use and practice Astronomical instruments, apply Astronomical software, big data analysis and science communication skills that can be applied to multi sector fields at governmental and industry level that fits to the modern technology and global market demand. 


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