Astronomy for Environmental protection in Gobi desert

The idea of this project to organize national seminar for Environmental protection in Gobi region of Mongolia using astronomical outreach activities. During Mongolia transition to a free market, socio-economic factors such as profit-seeking mining exploitation of the environment have contributed to its deterioration, and consequently, the loss in regional biodiversity. This has subsequently contributed to the reduction in water quality due to increased levels of contaminates polluted into the ground from the mining sector, such as arsenic and mercury. Climate change and other human induced activities have had a significant impact on the Gobi region, resulting in desertification, increased occurrences of drought, water source depletion, dust storm and a decrease in biological diversity as well as affecting the well-being of local communities. The dark sky is nature of the vast Gobi region for all time. There is need to protect dark clear sky in this region. The purpose of this project is to provide talks on impacts of profit seeking mining exploitation of the environment and climate change and desertification process. The topic named Environmental protection and importance of having clear beautiful dark sky in Gobi region will be highlight of this national seminar. The project will provide training on Environmental protection Gobi using astronomical outreach tools. After lectures we will organize star parties using small telescopes. Participants will observe stars and moons by naked eyes and telescope and inspire beautiful clear sky in Gobi. They will understand dust storm free Gobi region is important and environmentally beneficial. Target audience will be local governors, policy makers, mining company workers, decision makers, public, environmentalists, school teachers ,herders and amateur astronomers. Protection clear sky is part of environmental protection. The national seminar will be held in May-June 2021 in Gobi provinces in Mongolia.

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