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update: Tactile model of Venus

The project “A Touch of Venus” has tested a prototype of the Venus globe at several venues, like the CAP Meeting n Fukuoka and the IAU’s Exhibition “Inspiring Stars” in Vienna. After receiving some feedback, we improved the model to a final version that is being printed. So far 5 out of the 20 Venus […]

Final report

“Columba-Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace” is a joint astronomy outreach project by GalileoMobile and the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) which takes place on the island of Cyprus. The project aims to inspire young people, through astronomy, to be curious about science and the cosmos, while also using astronomy as a tool for promoting […]

update: astronomy activities

Between May 28 to June 10, 2018, the project will conduct, on different islands of Cape Verde, educational and cultural activities related to astronomy, such as courses for teachers, sessions for students and public observations of the sky and the sun.   Starry Nights in Cape Verde – Astronomy in the West African Islands is a […]