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Announcement from Organisers

Dear all, I am pleased to announce the Special Astronomy Summer School (SASS) 2014, Organized by National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and its Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS), Nsukka, in collaboration with University of Toronto (UT) Canada, Canadian Institute for theoretical Astrophysics, Canada, IAU OAD Cape Town, Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, UT, […]

Registration & Program

Registration period is open. Please download and fill out the application form (attached to this page) plus the requirements mentioned there and return by email to No registration fees are required. Breakfast, coffee breaks and lunches will be covered partially by the school. A limited number of rooms will be available (free of charge) at […]

Overview of the project (Phase II-2014)

Project title: Starlight in the university: “Astrolab” Project leader: Prof. Jean-Pierre de Grève The project aims at fully developing and implementing a research tutorial, Astrolab, in universities in need of astronomy infrastructure and curriculum, allowing undergraduate students in sciences to perform real-time observations on a remote telescope, and transforming those observations in to a scientific […]

Overview of the project (2014)

Project title: Latin American School of Observational Astronomy Project leader: Mr. Jose H. Pena Updates: There is great enthusiasm for astronomy in Latin America and even interest in developing small local observatories but, unfortunately, so far there are very few astronomers in these countries who can develop new talents. In collaboration with the Instituto Nacional […]