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Overview of the project

Project leader: Bisan Humaid, Project location: Gaza Project Description: This project will present the opportunity to help the children in Gaza discover not only the world outside Gaza strip but also the universe outside our planet. It will allow young students to look differently at the Sciences in general, and Astronomy in particular. This […]

Registration & Program

Registration period is open. Please download and fill out the application form (attached to this page) plus the requirements mentioned there and return by email to No registration fees are required. Breakfast, coffee breaks and lunches will be covered partially by the school. A limited number of rooms will be available (free of charge) at […]

Overview of the project

Project title: MENA Regional Summer School: “Astronomy with Small Telescopes” Project leader: Prof. Roger Hajjar Small telescopes are optimal for the developing world. They can be used for public outreach, education, and with the proper instrumentation, astronomical research. The MENA region holds many observatories and projects equipped with small telescopes. Lebanon’s first small facility will […]