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Final Report

Zooniverse projects are mostly built to deadlines by, and for, people who use browsers on high speed connections in Western Europe and North America. This has created a bias over the years that has lead to an mostly Englishspeaking volunteerbase and a skew away from lowbandwidth compatibility and nonstandard accessibility. Put simply: the Zooniverse has not historically paid attention to accessibility or to international […]

The ‘Retinas’ Project and PEEK

 In seeking out a new Zooniverse project to focus the efforts of this grant we initially looked for something astronomical in nature. It was hard though to find anything with a astronomical science case, or research goal, that was uniquely connected to the developing world, and to science that would have the most impact there […]

Overview of the project

Project title: Accessible Citizen Science for the Developing World Project leader: Dr. Robert Simpson The Zooniverse ( has excelled at producing engaging, high-quality citizen science websites that produce peer-reviewed scientific research, especially in astronomy ( Our teams work predominantly in the USA and UK and the majority of our 860,000-strong volunteers are situated in the […]