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Amanar program announcement

The following is from an article in the website of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC). Amanar , which means Pleiades in Berber, is a project of dissemination of Astronomy , to inspire the Saharawi community through the wonders of our Universe and promote peace, mutual understanding and a sense of citizenship under the same sky.  This […]

Xinchang planetarium – Astronomy & Society Development

OAD Director Kevin Govender was invited to attend the South Africa-China Astronomy Bilateral meeting in Shanghai. A workshop on Astronomy for Development was held during which a special planetarium and science museum themed “Astronomy & Society Development” was opened in Xinchang. Xinchang Astronomical Science and Technology Museum Promo (English)

Astrodev Workshop at DARA Annual Meeting

Dr. Vanessa McBride attended the Development in Africa through Radio Astronomy (DARA) annual network meeting and Steering Committee meeting in South Africa. She presented a workshop on how to design development projects. The DARA student cohort will be submitting proposals for development projects in AVN countries. The OAD will coordinate the proposals process which is […]

Giant Leaps – Apollo Program Data Sonification (NASA)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, SYSTEM Sounds worked with NASA to convey the history of the Apollo mission’s influence through sound. In this piece, the note pitches indicate the amount of scientific activity associated with Apollo and with NASA’s subsequent missions to explore the moon. Higher pitches indicate greater numbers […]

First 4000 Exoplanets – Animation and Sonification (360° Video)

Latest visualisation from the SYSTEM Sounds project. On June 13, 2019, the number of known exoplanets passed 4000 according to the NASA Exoplanet Archive! To celebrate, we have animated their discoveries in time and converted them into music. A circle appears at the position of each exoplanet as it is discovered with a colour that […]