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update: first telescopes installed

GHE selected 30 women from over 15 remote villages of Ladakh for commencing this project. All of them underwent an intensive training in Leh on the basics of astronomy and using telescopes and how they can leverage one of their most valuable assets (clear night skies) as a tool for creating new revenue streams for […]

Final report

This project aims to provide an evidence-based pract ice for ef fect ive inclusive teaching to ensure astronomy is appropriated and meaningful for both visually impaired and sighted community. In Ireland, the majority of universities with degree option in astrophysics host astronomy outreach events for the general public and second-level students, in particular, those in […]

update: report

Project report Ad Astra Academy is a unique project that brings the excitement of exploration to students in poor regions of the world. We exploit curiosity, an essential human trait, to promote inquiry-based learning and unlock their potential. 20 kids from Rio de Janeiro’s City of God favela were selected to participate and, through a […]

final report

Project report The 2nd Regional Workshop of IAU South West and Central Asian Regional Office of Astronomy for Development was held on 20 September 2018 in Byurakan in frame of the meeting “Instability Phenomena and Evolution of the Universe” dedicated to Viktor Ambartsumian’s 110th anniversary. The workshop: • Brought together astronomers from the region • […]


Acquisition of materials/equipment for the documentary Documentary production: The project area was divided into four zones for which the project team visited to consolidate the information collected in the earlier survey. Transcription of the findings has been done. Editing of video clips is not yet complete. The documentary will be available to the public by June […]