Call for volunteers

The Molo Mhlaba primary school in Khayelitsha ( is incredibly excited to announce the launch of its Astronomy Program, which aims to:

1. Develop 20 astronomy-focused classes aimed at primary school students;

2. Recruit, train, and employ Khayelitsha-based, female high-school graduates to run these classes both at Molo Mhlaba and in other primary schools in Khayelitsha (see below). The program will offer them: i) astronomical training, by teaching them the astronomical concepts behind these classes; ii) Income and work experience (organisational skills, public speaking skills, etc); iii) encouragement and support in pursuing astronomy in higher education and as a career. This includes encouraging them and helping them to apply to SKA bursaries.

3. Create a network of primary schools in Khayelitsha which can commit (at no costs) to making astronomical education accessible to their students, by hosting our outreach events and/or by incorporating, with our help and training, the astronomy classes in their existing curriculum.

There is a lot to do and we are very keen to get as many volunteers on board as possible. There is a wide range of tasks that volunteers can undertake, some of which can be carried out remotely.

Supporting the Molo Mhlaba Astronomy Program:

There are many ways in which to contribute to the project. Here are a few examples:

– As a mentor and/or training-workshop instructor for the bursary program (preferably women);
– As a facilitator during the astronomy classes at Molo Mhlaba (preferably women)

– As a contributor to the astronomy syllabus; (can be done by a remote volunteer)
– As a translator of the material from English to Xhosa or Sotho; (can be done by a remote volunteer)
– As a fundraiser or lobbyist for official endorsements; (can be done by a remote volunteer)
– As a website (WordPress-based)/graphic designer and/or social media coordinator; (can be done by a remote volunteer)

– As a logistics coordinator;
– As a photographer during the events;
– By sharing our events and activities through your social media channels;
– By sharing your experiences/ideas with us and suggesting ways in which the project can be improved or expanded;

Contact: Margherita Molaro, margherita.molaro(at)