August 31st, Elim (Elim mall)

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James and I were set up outside the entrance to Elim Mall at 12pm on Saturday.  A couple of days ago a cold front hit the Western Cape with snow falling on high ground in Somerset West, Table Mountain, Sutherland and many more regions.  The cold front eventually reached the northern part of the country with icy, but more importantly very windy conditions, causing havoc at our outdoor outreach event.  So unfortunately no banners, bunting or posters could be put-up, without them being whipped away by the wind.  The fossil display was tied down securely with chains and handout material weighted down but every now and again James or I would dash off to secure an errant poster.  The telescope showed shoppers views of the solar disk with some prominent sunspots, and we had good turnout until around 17:30 when all the shops except Shoprite Checkers had closed.  The Mall’s anchor store was due to close an hour later and with shoppers numbers dwindling, a wind-swept James and I decided to call it a day.  All in all not a great outreach day weather-wise for us, but we did have a willing and interested crowd picking up material and looking at the Sun.  It was promising to note that a number of the public had read about the event in two of the local newspapers (Mirror & Zoutpansberger) and then came to see us, as well as learners and teachers from some of the local schools that James and I have visited this year.