Astrostays- Community-Driven Astrotourism for Creating Sustainable Livelihoods: Presentation at IDA conference 2020

In this presentation given at the 2020 International Dark-Sky Association Conference, Sonal Asgotraa from Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) discussses Astrostays, a community-driven astrotourism model that puts communities at the heart and center of the tourism model. The program is aimed at empowering and strengthening communities by diversifying economic bases and creating new opportunities for livelihood creation using astrotourism as a key development intervention. This model is also an innovative form of experiential and sustainable tourism that generates economic benefits for remote and rural regions of the world that have access to clear night skies while creating unique life-changing experiences for travelers.
The OAD has partnered with GHE to implement this model at various locations around the world.