Astronomical Data Analysis Lecture Videos

Astronomical data analysis lectures

The Astro Sprint project has completed two online astronomical data analysis workshops, “Enterprise” and “Discovery”, whose videos are now available on Youtube. Students can also take up virtual projects, mentored by an expert.

There is a large amount of astronomy data available on the internet. The Astro Sprint OAD project teaches students techniques for accessing and analysing such astronomy data from the internet. Students are introduced to virtual observatory tools and programming techniques during online workshops. These skills are extremely valuable in the workforce and the project also presents opportunities to gain transferable skills.

The project has, so far, conducted two online workshops – titled ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Discovery’ – in 2021. The lecture videos from the workshops are available on Youtube. Participants are requested to complete the feedback form to help further improve the project.

For the final phase of the project, students are invited to take up one of the listed projects on the AstroSprint website. Projects can be selected at the form below.

AstroSprint: Enterprise Lectures

AstroSprint: Discovery Lectures