This page consolidates information on the Astrolab project funded by the OAD in several countries since 2013.

Astrolab is a low cost research tutorial for universities in need of astronomy infrastructure and curriculum. Astrolab uses remote telescopes accessible over the internet to teach students the primary steps involved in Astronomy research and the scientific method – observation, image acquisition, processing, data analysis and writing up results. Students plan and perform real-time observations with these robotic telescopes and transform those observations into a scientific result under the guidance of tutors. Astrolab has been awarded observing time on the Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO) and granted the status of 2018 LCO Education Partner.

Astrolab Phase 1 (2013)

Astrolab Phase 2 (2014)

Astrolab Phase 3 (2016)

Astrolab Tutors (2018)

Astrolab Consolidation (2019)

Astrolab Distant Training (2021)

Astrolab 2022

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