• Jaime E. Forero-Romero participated in the Astronomy for Development Lunch Session during the EAS 2020 Annual Meeting
  • The office is holding bi-weekly telecons to define the continuation of the Andean ROAD for 2021-2025


  • Scientific lecture of the first Romanian astronaut Dumitru Prunariu at the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education for Western Asia on “A vision to the human space exploration”; lecture by Dr. Abdel-Salam on the physics of planets and stars; numerous other lectures delivered online
  • Online Workshop titled: GNSS Principles and Applications, held from May 12-21
  • Preparations ongoing for the Fifth Middle-East and Africa Regional IAU Meeting (MEARIM V 2020)  “Astronomy education and research for the future generations”, that will be held at the RCSSTE-WA Amman, Jordan, 15-17 September, 2020.

East Africa


East Asia

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  • 3 sessions organized at the EAS2020 Annual Conference – “Astronomy for Future: Development, global citizenship & climate action”, “Astronomy for Development”, “Astronomy for Future: Maintaining world-class research and collaboration in the climate crisis”
  • Twinning programme: Erasmus+ proposal together with the Andean, West African, East African, and South West & Central Asian Regional Offices was successful
  • Funding received from the NWO for an event at the UN 75th General Assembly (online event in September)
  • New website launched,

North America

  • The NA-ROAD is conducting an OAD Needs Assessment of North America to help identify future partners and collaborators, and provide critical information for use in its upcoming strategic planning efforts

Portuguese Language

  • Joint broadcast with members from Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Portugal to celebrate the Portuguese Language Day (May 5)
  • Presentation about PLOAD during the European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting
  • Promotion of ¨Cartas Com Ciência” initiative (mail exchange between children and scientists) in Portuguese speaking countries

South East Asia

  • SEA ROAD will organize a webinar entitled “A dialog on the role of astronomy in the COVID era” on July 29. More information will be announced later

South West and Central Asia

  • Erasmus+ Twinning Programme (International Credit Mobility Grant) awarded with Leiden (Netherlands) in collaboration between European ROAD
  • Contributions (talks and posters) to the European Astronomical Society 2020 meeting
  • Astro tourism website with information from regional countries prepared for the IAU100 Astro-tourism project

Southern Africa


West Africa

  • The office is collaborating with the North American ROAD on an online student assistantship program. The program will provide access to online resources and learning opportunities that have been developed by NA ROAD partners in the United States. (projects related to observational astronomy, astronomy research, dark skies (light pollution), and coding)
  • WA ROAD made 2 presentations at the European Astronomy Society meeting from 29th June -3rd July, 2020
  • WA-ROAD in collaboration with the European ROAD has secured an Erasmus funding for staff and student exchange in Astronomy
  • Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso have secured grants under the special OAD COVID-19 call