Updates from OAD Regional Offices

Regional Offices Activities: April – June 2018



  • Contributed to the OAD Data Science Toolkit of the OAD with an Introductory Course in Python 3 in Spanish
  • Angela Perez, through the GMT in Chile, will run a teacher training workshop using the kit from “Astronomy Suitcase with All Senses.”


East Africa

  • East African ROAD participated in the European Week of Astronomy and Space Sciences in UK
  • Training on ‘ Mars mission Training’ held from 26 May-08 June 2018, organized by ESSSTI, Geodesy and Geodynamics department, and Institute of Architecture (EiABC) – Addis Ababa University, in collaboration with ESSTI and EA-ROAD
  • Public lecture on ‘Findings and implications for water and life on Mars ‘ by Prof Richard Soare from Canada was organized by EA-ROAD, ESSTI and AAU- EiABC, held at Addis Ababa University

East Asia

  • Two talks for the general public “The legacy of Stephen Hawking’s discoveries, and the place of humanity in the Universe”, 9 March and 11 April 2018, Suzhou, China. Astronomy Drama – Student performances telling the story of astronomical discoveries in history and future  – 27 March and 3 June at Qibao Middle School. Shanghai China
  • Workshop on “Global Climate Change and Health – Astrophysics and the Human Factor”, 19-23 April 2018 , Sichuan University, Chengdu, China 

Portuguese Language

  • Activities have started for 100th Anniversary of Eddington@Sundy
  • Starry Nights in Cape Verde took place between the 28th of May and June 10th on the islands of Santiago, São Vicente, Fogo and Santo Antão. The events comprised workshops for teachers focused in innovating methodologies for the classroom, hands-on activities, digital tools, observations of the Sun and of the night sky. The team worked with more than 350 teachers, 400 students, and 500 participants from a more general audience.
  • The III PLOAD annual meeting was carried out at UNI-CV in Praia, Cape Verde, between the 8th and the 10th of June

South East Asia

  • NARIT International Astronomcal Training Workshop (NIATW 2018) was held during 24-30 April 2018 with 20 students from Southeast Asia. NIATW 2018 provided a hands-on experience on how to use the facilities and modern instrumentation available at NARIT and Xinglong
  • Star Party- Jupiter Opposition: more than 1,000 locals swamped NARIT’s headquarters, Princess Sirindhorn joined in activities NARIT had on offer. Public talk, mini concert and stargazing activities were among the highlights of the night

South West and Central Asia

  • Sona Farmanyan has been appointed as IAU SWCA ROAD Coordinator, Areg Mickaelian being the Director. The staff has been expanded: TF1, TF2, TF3 coordinators have been appointed.
  • The Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS) organized school astronomy lectures by professional astronomers in all Armenian provinces (April-May 2018); Areg Mickaelian, Hovhannes Pikichyan, Grigor Brutian, Marietta Gyulzadyan participated. Sona Farmanyan was coordinating the project
  • Agreement on collaboration signed between SWCA Regional Office and Arab Regional Office 
  • A new collaborative project led by Ewelina Gradzka (Poland) and Sona Farmanyan (Armenia), “Under the Armenian Sky”. It is aimed at providing amateur telescopes to Armenian schools and foundation of astronomy clubs

Southern Africa

  • AstroLab training of tutors at University Zululand was held from 18-22 June 2018. 9 countries participated from around Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda)

West Africa

  • Opening of 18 m domed Planetarium at Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria.
  • Astronomy Camp for girls, funded by OAD , was organized by AWB Nigeria, on 28th April, 2018. Astronomy outreach carried out, reaching around 500 people, including 245 girls from Air Force Comprehensive Girls school, Abuja