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The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) telescope in Sutherland, South Africa

Impact of Astronomical Facilities on Local Development – Perspectives from Sutherland: An OAD Report

Authors: Tawanda Chingozha, Economics PhD Candidate (Stellenbosch University), OAD Fellow. He is Zimbabwean. Amidou Sorgho, Astro-physics PhD Candidate (University of Cape Town), OAD Fellow. He is Burkinabè. Estefany san Andreas, Socio-Cultural Anthropologist with studies in Jungian Psychology, OAD Fellow. She is Ecuadorian. Amelia Hankel, BSc Physics (with astronomy focus) & BA …

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7 Ancient Cultures and How They Shaped Astronomy

This blog post was written by Jason Cook, Telescopic Watch. Content in the blog post is copyright of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of the Office of Astronomy for Development. We as human beings are greatly attracted to beauty. And there is nothing more beautiful than the heavenly …

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Big data in astronomy

Big Data in Astronomy: A Tool for Social Innovation

As the big data deluge continues across the world amidst privacy concerns, various groups are beginning to utilise it as a ‘force for good’. Astronomers are not far behind, applying their big data skills to tackle societal challenges. Challenges in public health, disaster management and environmental protection may be addressed …

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Columba Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace

Columba Hypatia is a OAD funded project used astronomy as a tool for promoting meaningful communication and a culture of peace and non-violence between the various communities living on the divided island of Cyprus. The island has been in a post-conflict environment for over 40 years, with its two main …

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Nature Astronomy Focus – Astronomy for development

Nature Astronomy has published a selection of News and Comment articles focusing on Astronomy in Africa. (use the links below to view them outside of the paywall)   Editorial   The potential of astronomy for socioeconomic development in Africa by the team at the Office of Astronomy for Development and Tawanda …

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