Constellation is a year long program of astronomy activities, carried out in 20 schools located in 6 countries across South America. The schools are connected through GalileoMobile’s online platform and through social media, so that they can exchange their thoughts and experiences.

The activity cycle, called “Space Exploration” was planned, written in a handbook form and translated in Spanish and Portuguese by March 2015. At that time the long-distance tutoring could start. Over 40 volunteers in total worked with the teachers to plan the activities and handle the delivery of the telescopes and books, sometimes dedicating more than 14 weekly hours to the project.

Towards the end of the year and with the long-distance tutoring program still ongoing, Constellation went on the road, visiting the schools of the network. Three expeditions took place simultaneously in October and November this year: in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. The fourth expedition to Chile and Argentina took place in early December. During these expeditions alone, we estimate to have reached over 2000 students across the continent and strengthened the bond between us and the schools.

During these trips live updates were available through Facebook and Twitter for the general public, inspiring articles were written in our blog from the GalileoMobile traveling team and by the local nodes of Constellation in each participating country, and amazing photos keep being published in our social media. The participating schools have shared their joy at the visits in a dedicated Facebook group, which is more active every day!

Constellation is rounding up for 2015, but it does not stop. The love for astronomy our schools share will continue to inspire new activities for years to come

Download “The Guide of the Space Explorer” Teacher’s handbook of activities (in English)

Watch a short video on the activities carried out in at Colegio Diego Quispe Tito in Cusco, Peru.

Listen to a Radio Interview in Chile Chico, Chile(in Spanish)

For more information, visit the website