Time Variability in Modern Astrophysics

We plan to organize a workshop aimed at astronomers of all levels, who wish to improve their skills in specilized subjects of observation and data reduction. The primary target will be young researchers from South-East Asian countries, who will learn during NIATW how to use instrumentation of a level not readily available elsewhere in the region, and find opportunities to initiate know-how and collaboration links. This NIATW will be the first of a series of such workshops, that NARIT aspires to organize as part of its strategy to become a leading astronomical institution in South-East Asia, and to provide resources and support for the development of astronomy in the region (eg, NARIT hosts the Regional Node of the OAD for South-East Asia). The first NIATW will be themed “Time Variability in Modern Astrophysics” and will make use of the newly inaugurated 2.4m Thai National Telescope to address a number of phenomena subject to time variability. The combination of: telescope size (sufficiently powerful but not yet subject to an excessive pressure factor), geographical location (South-East Asia does not have any comparable facility, and this longitude range is in general poorly covered), instrumentation (including fast and very fast photometry to rates not available elsewhere in the region) makes the TNT an ideal site for such a workshop. We also stress that the event will be in the local “dry season” with a high chance of clear skies. We plan to schedule the NIATW a few months after the ISYA (International School for Young Astronomers, also hosted by NARIT in Nov-Dec 2014) so that in fact we may attract some of the ISYA participants to come back and continue observations in the context of NIATW. Thailand offers the opportunity to easily bring together researchers from many countries, at a moderate cost, in a friendly environment and pleasant climate.






Capacity Building