Sign Language Universal Encyclopedic Dictionary

Based on the proposal by Proust (2009) and collaborator as part of the IYA2009, this project proposes the dissemination of a unique language for the deaf worldwide, associated with astronomical terms. While celestial objects are varied and the project can be expanded easily, the proposal will take especial attention to the basic terms linked with the IYL2015, for example light, light year, star, Sun, among others, but as this is a general project, we propose a complete “Sign Language Universal Dictionary” As part of a new cellebration where the Light is involved, the proposal can reach more visibility and can contribute to share all the people on the Globe under the same way to name the astronomical object, instruments, and discoveries using the sign language. The development of this universal sign language of astronomical terms, the related multimedia material and the encycopedic dictionary will be very useful specially for OAD activities which are carried out in a variety of developing countries with different languages, making it possible to carry out the same activities anywhere without the need of them being translated. Reference: Proust, D. (Directeur) (2009). Les mains dans les étoiles.Dictionnaire encyclopédique d’astronomie pour la langue des signes françaises, Burillier Eds, France







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