Setting up an Astronomy Club – A quick-start guide

If you would like to set up an Astronomy Club, the information here serves as  a starting guide.

The first step is to understand what kind of club you want to start. There are aspects or characteristics, such as the target audience,  that will help you define your club. For instance, it could be a school or university club, a non-profit, etc. Your starting point sometimes depends on what materials and resources you possess or can acquire. For instance, a portable planetarium, telescopes, an observing ground, or even a group of friends who are astrophotographers or observing enthusiasts.

There are several good examples online that provide inspirational ideas and support for setting up an Astronomy Club:

After School Astronomy

Astronomy League Notes
Running an Astronomy Club

You can also find a comprehensive list of resources here
IAU Astronomy for Development

Other projects & programs aiming at Astronomy Clubs

After setting up your club, you can join us at our IAU directory for World Astronomy, which will help you find out about other clubs in the country and around the world.

Communities for Astronomy Clubs around the world

Also see the Toolkit: A Guide to Starting a Physics Student Society developed at the OAD by Munira Hoosain

This post was written by  Lina Canas, Assistant Outreach Coordinator at the IAU – Office for Astronomy Outreach at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.