Sensoroteca Astronomica

What is a Sensoroteca? A Sensoroteca is a space in which objects that can be perceived through taste, hearing, smell, touch and sight are stored. This is the same concept as a library structure but in this case, instead of carrying the contents are objects and materials. How is a Sensoroteca used? The Sensoroteca contains a catalog of objects with which you can make presentations and activities on a topic with an emphasis on multi-sensory character. Who is it for? The Sensoroteca is directed to different populations with disabilities, minorities, children, and seniors. In the Planetario de Bogota, astronomy is the main theme that guides the activities performed in their facilities. The Sensoroteca Astronomica objects will be equipped to allow discuss issues with space, physics, chemistry and general cosmography, which can be perceived by taste, hearing, smell, touch and sight. Thus, if at our Space Museum or at our Childrens Room, a guide wants to talk about black holes, you can choose from the available collection of objects those that are related to explain his speech. As such objects may sound, touch, see, smell and perhaps tasted, allow both deaf, the blind, who do not speak Spanish, infants or coming from regions and isolated groups, to interact with concepts and objects involved in this activity. Some examples of the objects and materials are tactile spheres, space sounds, a universe of odors, kinetic astronomy, heat and cold, infrared astronomy, models, among others. The purpose of these activities where multisensoriality is incorporated, is not to create experts in astronomical topics, but raise concerns that awaken interests that promote learning of various kinds.






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