Scouts for Astronomy

Core project idea:
To hold an astronomy-scouts camp for students between the ages of 12 and 15 years to build interest in Astronomy and protecting the night sky, to inspire uptake of STEM and engineering subjects for both girls and boys and forge relationships with the Kenya Scouts Association.

What we will do:
We will hold a scouts camp with 30 students of ages 12 to 15 from three schools within Nairobi county. During the camps, we will hold astronomy training and outreach activities to train the students and public on the importance of protecting the night sky by reducing pollution and relating these to core objectives of scouting which includes protecting the environment.The location chosen for the camp is Nguruman, Nguruman is located close to Lake Magadi and some distance from Magadi town, and the region is sparsely populated with very low light pollution, making it a suitable location for training.

What we want to achieve:
The project will serve as a pilot program to introduce Astronomy to the Kenya Scouts Association. Depending on the level of interest and feasibility, we will incorporate Astronomy into the Kenya Scouts Association curriculum. Such curriculum is incorporated in other countries such as the UK. With the help of scouts officials in our team, we will assess and develop activities for children of different ages with the final aim of fostering curiosity and interest in STEM subjects, especially Space and Astronomy and awareness of the effects of light pollution.