IAU Call to Action in the time of COVID-19

A call to action from the International Astronomical Union offices.

COVID-19 is here and it maybe here for a while. As we adapt to new ways of working, many of us are wondering how we can help and put our skills to good use to tackle the problems coming up during this crisis. Some in the astronomy community are already doing this, for example, using their data and programming and communication skills.

We, the Offices of the IAU for outreach, education, development, and training, strongly believe that the astronomy community, including but not limited to professional & amateur astronomers, outreach & education practitioners and researchers, enthusiasts, students, possesses varied skillsets which would be of help to the current situation. This is a CALL TO ACTION to the community to contribute skills and resources. We aim to help coordinate the efforts and focus of the global Astro family in two broad ways:

1. Making use of your astro-related/science skills: see the CONTRIBUTE section of the google document

2. Sharing Astro/science resources to help people #StayAtHome: see the RESOURCES section of the google document

We will continue to update the google document as we find more resources. If you have anything to add to the google document, please submit on the google form or email us at info(at)astro4dev.org

Stay safe,
the IAU Team

Excerpt from a message published by the International Science Council:

We must think critically about how we are responding to this public health emergency, which in turn could become an economic and social emergency. It is a moment to remind policy-makers of the importance of evidence-based decisions, and to work with them in preparing for other upheavals, current and future. We must listen to, and support, global experts from the World Health Organization, as well as local experts who will make decisions based on local, national and regional data modelling.