by Rajin Ramphul

In an age where IT has become ever-present in our lifestyle, the ability to make good use and understand computers that are around us is primordial, hence the importance of a basic programming skills. Programming consists to give a computer a set of tasks to accomplish in a given order or to present a set of behaviour to the user. The underlying skill required to write codes (programs) is good logic and planning which are both cross disciplinary skills.

The idea of this coming workshop is to transfer basic programming skills for students that have little or no prior knowledge in the subject. The language selected is Python which is a freely available and is highly popular in the IT world. Python is highly used among programmers and in the Scientific world and while it is a fully fledged language offers the advantage of being much simpler than languages like Fortran or C. It also has an extensive library which can run codes from other languages like C, Fortran or R.