Project update: Become a COSMOSpolitan!

Attention, attention! We are looking for future astronauts, space engineers and astronomers! We are sure that we will find them in the Cuiavia and Pomerania schools, so we set off on a journey through the region.

Project The Universe – our home full of wonders is implemented by the Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge and New Space Foundation and covers the villages and towns up to 20 thousand inhabitants, located in the Cuiavia and Pomerania Voivodeship. In the period from April to July 2014 we visited 20 institutions: primary schools, orphanages and children ward in the hospital. Pupils in these localities were able to participate in workshops led by experienced animators, using materials of Universe Awareness program (UNAWE). During workshops everyone could check what is happening with the Moon while wandering around the Earth, or on other moons in Solar System, and build the first space rockets. Teachers received the sets of materials in order to guide in the future similar interactive workshops with pupils. Successive materials are prepared and translated into Polish and will be placed on project website.

Slide describing project 'The Universe - our home full of wonders'
Description of project ‘The Universe – our home full of wonders’

The last stage of the project is the astronomical contest, which was announced in September. Children can demonstrate their creativity in inventing and production of comics or movies. The main prize will be a visit in Toruń Centre for Astronomy – astronomical observatory of the Nicolaus Copernicus University.

See a gallery of photos from our workshops: