Project plan

The project plan for Astrobabies project is available in English and Spanish

The activities have three different audiences:
1. Children aged 0 to 47 months
2. teachers, psychologists, special educators and social workers.
3. Parents and caregivers

For the attention of children will attend 10 monthly Institutions in which 2 groups of 20 children with one hour of intervention will be addressed.

Sun:Throughout the sessions addressed topics such as
● Earth and Search bring children to use simple tools like the magnifying glass observation to explore their immediate surroundings.
● Moon and exploration:will be shown to children basic features of the moon as its color and appearance, imagination journey will take and are encouraged to lunar exploration.
● Planets: In which we will bring children to features through multisensoriality, seeking to observe and find similarities and differences between them.
● Stars and constellations: In which motivate observing the night sky, they know characteristics of stars and imagine figures with them.

Father, mothers and caregivers:
interventions in educational institutions will be made at meetings of parents for the children participating in the proposal in kindergarten enhance their scientific skills in the home environment and daily life. Another strategy to make with this population is the monthly meetings the third Sunday of each month at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
The schedule is as follows:
● March 19: You are his world.
● April 16: Bring your astronaut and explore the universe with him.
● May 21: Babies Milky Way taken
● July 18: My dad is a being from another world
● July 16: Commanders! Let a space adventure
● August 20: Kites: spaceman
● September 17: A very spacey love.
● October 15: Bring your extraterreste and live an experience of another world.
● November 19: All to explore the universe.

In these activities with one hour it seeksgive guidance to parents to accompany daily
exploration of the environment of children aged 0 to 3 years.