Poetry and Sky Competition

Our ancestors were closer to the night sky than we are. Celestial objects are mentioned in many Chinese ancient poems. But few people know them when they recite the poetry. The sky nearly never changes. We see the same sky as Li Bai, a Chinese famous poet, did 1200 years ago. In 2013, OAD supported the Chinese Ancient Poetry Astrophotography which encourages people to take pictures of the night sky according to ancient Chinese poems. We organized the Chinese Ancient Poetry Astrophotography Competition (CAPAC) in 2014. We launched the opening ceremony and received Congratulation Video from Mr. Kevin Govender, director of IAU OAD and handwriting from China Former Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao. We developed the website (http://hellosky.lamost.org) as the platform of the competition. The website provides many Chinese ancient astronomy poems, articles, and lecture videos which will help people join the competition. People can submit images and explanation during submission period and vote during the voting period online. We created columns on Amateur Astronomy magazine and social Medias to advertise the project. Now, the first phase focusing on the Moon has finished. There are 52 entries selected from 96 images. The deadline of second phase submitting period is Sep. 10th; we have received more than 100 pictures. And the website home page has had more than 36000 hits. The project had been presented in IPS 2014 and APRIM2014 and got many congratulations: a wonderful and beautiful OAD TF project! We will launch CAPAC awards and exhibition opening ceremony on Dec. 26, 2014. We want to expand the project for the International Year of Light 2015. While continuing with the CAPAC, we will add Sky Poetry Competition (SPC). Let the participants select the image from A Universe of Images (project of IYL2015) and then write poems for them. So the project new name is Poetry and Sky Competition, it will help more people to appreciate the ancient and modern sky.






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