Overview of the project

Project leader: Bing Li, libing@bjp.org.cn
Project location: China

Project description:
Our ancestors were closer to the night sky than we are. Celestial objects are mentioned in many Chinese ancient poems. But few people know them when they recite the poetry. The sky nearly never changes. We see the same sky as Li Bai, a Chinese famous poet, did 1200 years ago.

In 2013, the OAD supported the Chinese Ancient Poetry Astrophotography project which encouraged people to take pictures of the night sky according to ancient Chinese poems. In 2014, the Chinese Ancient Poetry Astrophotography Competition (CAPAC) was organised, resulting in a lot of positive feedback.

We want to expand the project for the International Year of Light 2015. While continuing with the CAPAC, we will add Sky Poetry Competition (SPC). Let the participants select the image from A Universe of Images (project of IYL2015) and then write poems for them. So the project new name is Poetry and Sky Competition, it will help more people to appreciate the ancient and modern sky.

About the project leader:
Mrs. Bing Li is the Deputy Editor-in-chief of Amateur Astronomer and works at the Beijing Planetarium. She has been an astronomy teacher for 10 years and organized the China and UK astronomy educational project. She is in charge of the exhibition department and developed more than 10 astronomical exhibitions; She is also the author of 4 books and 42 articles on popular astronomy.