Overview of the project

Project title: Sustainment of the development of astrophysics in Vietnam at the Master/PhD level in the radio astronomy domain
Project leader: Prof. Pierre Darriulat

The proposed project is to invite three foreign astronomers to spend a week in Hanoi (Vietnam) and give lectures and/or seminars on astrophysics, specifically in the field of radio astronomy. Two of these astronomers are presently thesis co-directors of two Vietnamese PhD students. The other is from China. The audience will consist of the VATLY staff, a small astrophysics laboratory in Hanoi, and Vietnamese astrophysicists and students from other universities in Ha Noi and Sai Gon. The audience would be of 10 to 20 participants ranging from Master level to PhD. The organisation will be taken care of by the VATLY staff. This project has two main goals:

1) to increase the knowledge and expertise of the Vietnamese radio astronomy community and to strengthen links both between themselves and with astronomers from abroad, both in the region and in Europe, in order to foster future collaborations.

2) to give the student the great opportunity to discuss face-to-face their current research in that field with experts in the field.

The ultimate goal would be to establish firm collaborative links with foreign institutions, including those in which Vietnamese students are presently working for their PhD.