Overview of Project

Gaza Ambassadors of Universe where we are poised to  take a giant step forward in understanding the universe  and our place within it,  is going to be the light for the darkest spot in the earth.  By mixing between Astronomy and Technology  we will work on incubating the Gazans’ brains, hearts, and visions.

Astronomy gives us a chance to travel through the sky and to strongly break down the siege. As Palestinian youth we want to give our people hope, passion, and desire to live. We aim to raise awareness of astronomy knowledge in our society through an organized challenges that excites the astronomical passion, and love inside astronomy amateur’s heart. We will integrate technology, the jewel of the time, with Astronomy through a three-day boot camp challenge between 40 astronomy-related ideas. International and local mentors will select the best three ideas in order to be incubated for an intensive astronomical workshops implemented by the organizers.