Overview of project

SYSTEM Sounds is a science-art project which translates astronomical systems and data into music and sound, and integrates them into high quality videos with broad public appeal. Following the success of our initial releases on TRAPPIST-1 and Saturn, we wish to extend this project to other systems with a focus on well known objects and newsworthy astronomical discoveries. A natural translation to music is possible in many astronomical systems due to the frequent appearance of resonances and periodic signals within and beyond the solar system. In addition to increasing the quantity and quality of our work, we seek funding to increase its accessibility to the blind and visually impaired, who are in a unique position to benefit from our astronomical ‘musicalizations’. We will create descriptive narrations for each of our videos and redesign our website to conform to standard accessibility guidelines. The videos will be integrated into a new planetarium show which will be distributed to planetariums and science museums around the world after its premiere at the University of Toronto.