Overview: Empowerment of Disadvantaged Rural Girl Children as Social Change Agents

The core project idea is to build basic knowledge of Astronomy among disadvantaged rural girl children of age group 10-16 in government schools of Dindigul District, Tamilnadu, India and nurture them as Social Change Agents in overcoming superstitions. The project will cover girl children from 10 schools in a span of one year. The project will support basic learning on Astronomy in school environment through formation of 10 Astro-Angel Clubs.These children will be oriented through activity based Astronomy learning that include lectures, video shows, IEC material displays, games, competitions, support for Astronomy Educational Materials, Skill enhancement on DIY creations of low cost observatory devices including Simple Telescope, 3D planetary models creations with low cost materials or waste materials and also on other simple observatory creations and documentation of observations in a scientific manner. Qualified and Trained educators will be appointed for schools visits and engaging the Astro-Angels. The project will also focus on bust of myths related to Astronomy among these children and develop them as a First generation social change makers who can influence their family and society in bringing down the superstition and improving the gender condition in the society.The project will also organize training workshops to the teachers, school administrative personals and officials to enhance and encourage Astronomy educations among Girl children in Schools.It is also proposed to organize Astro-Angel club visits to nearby Indian Institute of Astrophysics ( IIA) Observatory in Kodaikanal Hills for short-term visit programs and Summer schools programs in 2021.Further the project will work on advocacy and lobbying among various role players on importance of Astronomy Education to Children, especially girl children and also supporting these girl children overcoming the ill effects of prevailing superstition in the community.

Contact: P.R.ASHOK RAJA actiftrust@gmail.com