It is necessary to develop advanced research for astronomy in Mongolian universities using modern techniques. We do not have graduate education/ curriculum for astronomy in Mongolian universities, or astronomical education for school teachers. There is a lack of professors and training opportunities for students in universities and colleges. Mongolia’s educational system has no astronomy textbook in Mongolian. In the libraries one can only find old textbooks from the 1960s and 1970s. Astronomy education lags further behind other developing countries. We desperately need more advanced research opportunities and education for school teachers for astronomy in Mongolia.

This project aims to develop training for science and astronomy for school teachers in nomadic areas, which lack teachers in science and astronomy. Some of the nomads’ kids are not aware of astronomical activities in their region, and have never seen astronomical telescopes. Most of the schools have no computers. This project allow school teachers to learn and improve their knowledge about astronomy and science teaching. The project will also engage in many outreach activities for school teachers, kids and general public in remote (i.e. nomads) areas.

International communities such as EA-ROAD/EA-LOAD and Galileo Teacher Training and NAOJ will be involved in this project to achieve our goals. International teachers from the different countries will attend this training to give talks. This project will contribute to the development of science technology and education in Mongolia, as well as lifelong learning opportunities for school teachers and the public, in Mongolia and neighboring countries. Currently, there are no opportunities for school teachers to participate in training courses for astronomy. The region is a natural heritage area and there are dark skies. The nomads community will participate in the star parties and also learn about technology behind astronomical telescopes. About 45 to 50 primary, secondary and high school teachers will participate in the training course.