Behold the Sky is an ongoing project that consists in lending solar PST telescopes and education material (AstroKits) to teachers that are also trained in solar astrophysics topics. The project offers pedagogical advice for the teachers on how to perform empirical science activities with their students. The project acts mainly in regions of socio-economic vulnerability, benefiting students aged 6-18. Currently, we have 3 AstroKits available for loan (PST, tripod, beamer, 14 Welder’s glass, solar charts, handbook of activities, telescope’s manual in Portuguese, charger). The implementation plan is to make available 2 new AstroKits as well as reformulate and include new materials on all kits (DVDs, historic astronomical instruments for education). We also plan to expand and publish the project’s handbook to deliver to the libraries of schools participating in the project.

In addition, we plan two major events in 2019: first, a 2-day global training workshop for teachers benefiting from the project, inviting researchers experts on astronomy education, during which we will also offer hands-on training on new technologies for classroom (Go-Lab and Platon platforms); second, the use of the 5 AstroKits for the observation of the 2nd of July solar eclipse with the general public, partially visible from Rio de Janeiro.