We are going to make an interactive astronomical app as most of the young generation use smartphone or pc. It will feature all the planets of the Solar system along with the Sun and the Moon as interactive characters. The anthropomorphized characters will have various range of expression. Their genders will be determined by the Greek and Roman mythological God or Goddesses they’re named after. The characters will represent both females and males in an equal (or almost equal) numbers. The characters will be expressive in their emotions. When idle, the characters will express joy, sadness or excitement to prompt the user to interact. User will be able to interact with these characters by tapping on the face of the characters and chatting with them. Both via voice and text like the talking tom app. For example, one can ask Mars about his age, sky color, length of the day, etc. Mars will reply to the questions intelligently like a chatbot. One can ask our beloved earth about the water crisis and light pollution. Then the Earth will reply to them about her difficulties with a broken heart. The expressions will reflect the chat content. The app will also contain a mini-game for kids where they will be asked to rearrange the planets of our solar system in the correct order and will be given scores accordingly.

After making the app, We will reach out to young students from at least 10 schools for our campaign. In those campaigns, there will be some talks about astronomy and climate change. We will directly help them using our app. Evaluate their learning with quizzes. There will be snacks too. We will collect feedback to further improve our app.

Our primary target is to develop the app with English and Bangla language support. We plan to release the character model and other resources with CC‑BY‑SA‑4.0 license and the app’s source code with GPL v2. Contributors around the world will be able to add their language and improve upon our work.