Open Design Dark Sky Simulator

The idea is to design a physical simulator that will demonstrate the effects of light pollution on the sky and the difference that well-designed lighting will make. The simulator will consist of a LED-based board and a number of light fixtures varying from full-cutoff dark-sky friendly lights to completely unshielded lights. The board, which can be flat or curved depending on space requirements, will simulate the night sky using LED’s of variable brightness, simulating stars of various magnitudes and constellation patterns. The board will be illuminated by the light fixtures and users can use buttons to switch between light fixtures as well as increase or decrease light intensity. This will create a first-hand experience for demonstrating the effect of light pollution as different light fixtures will have different effect on the number of stars visible. The simulator can be used in exhibition halls, conferences, science museums or any other place where light pollution effects can be demonstrated. This physical simulator can provide superior experience for visitors in relation to videos/posters or other usual methods of exhibiting light pollution effects. The purpose is not to create a single simulator but to provide to the public the full instructions including materials needed, dimensions, programming code, electrical wiring etc. so anyone interested can build such a simulator in their local community. Emphasis will be given on using readily available materials that exist in households or that can be purchased at minimal price so everyone can construct at minimal cost.






Light Pollution