O Universo velho, belo e cheio de vida

Portugal is currently going through a deep and serious economic crisis that affects the elderly as well ““ their economic condition suffered a change and they are easily forgot by the society. In a country in which agriculture was once the maintaining source of the Portuguese people, the elderly are now isolated in faraway inland TF3-2014-1409-UniBelo: English translation followed by Portuguese original villages with no access to new opportunities or simply forgotten in retirement homes. There are several reports of old people found dead at home days after the happening. [1] Recent studies show that it is vital to maintain intellectual activity in order to prevent mental diseases. [2] [3] In this project we intend to make the young and the elderly come closer by participating in activities related to astronomy. All activities are aimed at the involvement of the local youth community – schools and families of the elderly. It is planned to implement activities in the following places: – Nursing/Retirement homes with the appropriate equipment for the target audience and the astronomy activities: Solar observation, Moon and Stars observation, clarifying doubts session, etc. – Villages: churches, parks – depending on the specificity of the place and the characteristics of the target audience there will be organised outdoors festivals of astronomy using telescopes. – Observatory: visit to the Telescope Dome, to the Planetarium and the Building of Museological Collection.