PENTA Mentorship Program for Women

PENTA is a 5-month mentorship program for women, organized by She Speaks Science. It is designed as a 5-by-5 matrix, with women selected across 5 regions (Africa, Latin & North America, Middle East, Europe, Asia) at 5 different career stages (executive, professional, university student, high schooler, schooler). Within this matrix of 25 women and girls, each member mentors and gets mentored in an interactive and one-to-one environment (for ex a university student is mentored by a professional and mentors a high school student).This enables inspiration, knowledge and insight to cascade from our executive level mentors all the way to school student mentees. The programme includes monthly seminars on a range of topics, for the entire cohort to meet and share experiences and opportunities.PENTA is for professionals in industry or academia, and university and school students looking to mentor and be mentored. Executive level mentors are by invitation and all other tiers are by application.

Applications close on 1 February. PENTA launches on Feb 11th.

PENTA mentorship program for women