Looking…Up! Astronomy for All

The project “Looking …Up! Astronomy for All” (Up4All) aims to promote inclusive astronomy education. In order the project’s goal to be achieved Up4All will organize the follow activities: a) open to public Observational Days in Special Education Schools (in the wider region of Thessaloniki/ Central Makedonia / Greece) , b) Workshops for Teachers on how Astronomy can be integrated in terms of formal and non-formal learning, using innovative teaching tools and c) Workshop for teachers on creating educational astronomical videos. A numerous of Special Education Schools will be the center of the open to public Observational Days bringing together students of typical development and students with special educational needs and/or disabilities and also of fun hands-on activities ““ like treasure hunt, tablets, “Meet our neighbours “ from astroedu, “Barycentric Balls” from ESA, etc”“ will be implemented engaging students with core concepts of astronomy while having fun. Moreover, in order to highlight the need of integrate innovative teaching of the Astronomy in the curriculum and to give to teachers all the tools necessary for integrating Astronomy on their educational scenario, two types of Workshops will be held: a) Workshop for Teachers (in Greek) in parallel of Observational Days at Special Education Schools and b)Two (2), two-days Workshops for Teachers (in English), one on Media in science teaching practice ““ Movies on Astronomy at School and one on Video ““ software & apps / Video & Astronomy. “Looking …Up! Astronomy for All” project will be implemented with the collaboration of NUCLIO (http://nuclio.org), Greek Educational Radio-Television (EduTV – http://www.edutv.gr/) and INCLUDE (http://include-edu.blogspot.gr/p/include-s-cv.html) as coordinator, as well with the participation of distinguished European Teachers and Scientists. Finally, we want our project to be a ‘pilot’ and to spread the knowledge gained / to other countries eg Croatia, Spain, Portugal., etc, looking for potential collaborators.