Letters from the children

The following are letters from the children involved in the project:

  • This project is a fantastic experience because you can learn a lot of things. Such as we learn about astronomy and how ancient Greeks measured the size of the Earth. We learned about telescopes and observed the Sun, the Moon and Saturn.
  • I like looking at the sky. Learning more about astronomy and using a telescope was really exciting. I learned many exciting things and how to use the shadows to measure the radius of the Earth. I taught my brother and his friends at junior high school about it when we presented there! I hope we will make more night observations in the future.
  • I was amazed that we measured the radius of the Earth by measuring our shadows. I also liked watching Saturn and the Moon. I thought that the Earth is away from the Sun in the winter and near the Sun in the summer. But it’s the opposite! And Columbus was not the first one to say that the Earth is round.
  • In this project I learned how to measure the radius of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun and how to recognize common constellations. I enjoyed very much to learn about the stars and the sky. My father has a telescope and we never used it. I will use it to observe the things I learned. I liked that our school has a telescope and want to make more observations. It’s a pity that it snowed in our trip to Kastoria and we could not observe anything.
  • This is a very exciting project. We watched the Saturn with the rings, the Sun with sunspots and the surface of the Moon. We also learned how to measure the radius of the Earth and the distance to the Sun. After the project I study pictures to identify the craters of the Moon such as Aristarchus and Eratosthenes.
  • I like astronomy and after the project I like it more. I learned many new things about the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the stars and the constellations. We observed the Sun, the Moon and Saturn. It was fantastic. Too bad it was cloudy in the summer festival. Our teachers said we will observe more this year.
  • In this project I learned about astronomy. I liked observing with the telescope and look forward to observing again. I liked to measure the shadows, too, but didn’t like to present to the other children.