• German Chaparro (TF1 coordinator and leader of the radio astronomy working group) has published the results of a project to “evaluate the potential of the Colombian Andes for millimeter-wave astronomical observations” 
  • In October, the”Aula Bajo las Estrellas”, an initiative to gather primary and secondary educations instructors that use astronomy in their classroom, will be organized. Link to the event webpage
    Event report (Spanish and English)


  • A number of Astronomy lectures were conducted by members of Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS) & Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS)
  • Astronomy Camp to observe the Perseids’ meteor shower was held at Hamza Astronomy Camp, Al-Azraq

East Africa

  • Public lecture by former US Astronaut Leland Melvin on 07 August 17, attended by more than 600  people. It was organized by East African ROAD and ESSTI in collaboration with US Embassy in Addis Ababa
  • Joint research collaboration has been initiated between Ethiopian and Tanzania Astronomers from  Entoto Observatory and Kotebe Metropolitan University, Addis Ababa and from Open University of Tanzania, Dares Salaam

East Asia

  • Meteorites China – A conference, workshop, and exhibition on the scientific and cultural significance of meteorites – 15-17 September 2017 – Duke Kunshan University. This international event brought together scientists (from geology to astrophysics), meteorite collectors, and science outreach specialists (museum curators and journalists). An extensive meteorite collection was on display for the public, and hundreds of school children attended the public events.
  • STEM education event – XJTLU (China), with a talk “Astronomy and Space Science as Tools for Education and Development” (July 2017)
  • Star Party 2017 was held on 21-23 October 2017, Lijiang (China). It was a three-day event organized by Beijing Planetarium, the Amateur Astronomer Magazine, and EA-ROAD
  • Public talk on “Extraterrestrial Civilizations” at Fuxian Lake Solar Observatory, Chengjiang county, China 
  • Cooperation established with the IAU working group “Data-driven Astronomy Education and Public Outreach” and the Education Interest Group of IVOA (Internationational Virtual Observatory)

Portuguese Language

  • Preparations are ongoing for the 100th Anniversary of Eddington@Sundy
  • Teacher trainings in Porto Alegre, Pelotas, São Paulo
  • IDiverSE – New proposal approved that will allow the development of research collaboration between Islands in: Brazil, Cape Verde, Portugal, Mozambique and many other islands across the world

South East Asia

  • NARIT-STFC Summer School in Radio Astronomy and Technology
    Goal: To develop necessary skills in radio astronomy for Thai university students and undertake further postgraduate study
    29 May – 10 June 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Participants: 30 Thai university students in related fields
  • Optical Design Summer School 2017
    Goal: To initiate to the optical design methods related to imaging instruments
    30 July – 6 August 2017, Lotus Pangsuankaew Hotel and NARIT headquarters, Chiang Mai, Thailand Participants: 25 university students/ researchers/ teachers in related fields from ASEAN countries
  • ITCA Colloquium (ITCA: International Training Centre under the Auspices of UNESCO) – Astronomy for STEM Education 2017
    Goal: To be a stage for astronomy and science teachers/educators to voice their views on STEM Education especially best practices in different countries from different regions of the world
    7 – 11 August 2017, PULLMAN BANGKOK HOTEL G, Bangkok and Regional observatory for the public Chachoengsao, Thailand
    Participants: 100 science teachers/ educators/ communicators in all levels from any countries
  • Agreement Signing Ceremony on the establishment of International Training Centre in Astronomy under the auspices of UNESCO between UNESCO and Royal Thai Government
    29 August 2017, 14.30 – 15.00, Santi Maitree Building, Government House, Bangkok, Thailand
    Guests: 30 honored guests which include UNESCO Director-General, Minister of Science and Technology, Thailand, Minister of Education, Thailand, UNESCO Bangkok Representative

South West and Central Asia

  • A UNESCO regional conference on the “Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East” to be held on 13-17 Nov 2017 in Yerevan, Armenia. Symposium is organized in the frame of AAC project (Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture)
  • Areg Mickaelian participated in the International Symposium on UV Sky Surveys held in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • President of Republic of Armenia,  Serzh Sargsyan, visited Byurakan Observatory; discussion of BAO’s scientific affairs and other matters
  • 4th Byurakan Science Camp (4BSC) for 12-15 year old school pupils held in August 2017
  • Artists exhibition called “CETI lab” was organized in Byurakan; artists installation related to the subject of CETI

Southern Africa

  • 2017 AstroLab worshop, 6th November to 11th November 2017 at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo. It will be followed by a GTTP training from 13-17 November 2017. Please visit the SAROAD website for upcoming updates

West Africa

  • Dark Skies Awareness 2017: Astronomy outreach held at Regnat Secondary School Nsukka, Nigeria on Dark Skies Awareness which is one of 11 Global Cornerstone Projects during the 2009 International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009).
  • West African International Summer School for Young Astronomers (WAISSYA) held from 31st July – 06 August 2017 in Accra, Ghana.
  • Ghana’s first radio astronomy observatory launched by President of Ghana on Thursday, 24th of August 2017 in an effort to widen knowledge of African skies, catalyze skills development, and attract scientists. A 32-meter wide (104-foot) radio telescope, converted from an old telecommunications dish, forms the heart of the observatory
  • An intensive 1-week python computing workshop to be organized by NASRDA-Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS), Nsukka in November, 2017 ‘Python – The present and the future of computing in science, astrophysics, and big data systems’.
  • 7th National conference of the Astronomical society of Nigeria to be held from 28th November to 1st December 2017 with the theme ‘Astronomy and Space science development in Nigeria’.