Guide Training for the Tribal Students (Phase 2)

By consulting with the EMRS teachers and assessing the aptitude and interest of the tribal students, 30 of them are to be selected based on their compatibility with the required skills for the project. These 30 students would undergo Level 1 (knowledge + communication); select (based on a Before-After test) 15 will undergo Level 2 (skill + communication) training. The remaining 15 students would be accommodated in other Astro programs of our organisation. The training would be conducted during the leisure time of the students not disturbing the academic schedule. 15 trained tribal Astronomy Guides, and their mentors; the organisers will be on boarded on the online networking platform that is already being built. As the EMRS already has developed an eLearning system with Internet access, the networking platform will allow the guides to connect with the mentors to further ask their doubts and stay in touch with fellow guides. The organisers will be able to connect with the guides and; invite them to organise the stargazing programs through the platform. Eventually, this project can be expanded worldwide to add more guides. We are in the process of collaboration with mentors In Brazil who want to implement the astrotribe project online.