Global Competition on creating an Educational Video on Astronomy

A Global Competition on Creating an Educational Video on Astronomy is held in the context of IAU-OAD’s Looking …Up! Astronomy for ALL project. It is open to Teachers, Educators and Students all over the World. The competition aims to promote and encourage the engagement with Astronomy concepts and the integration of Astronomy to the Curricula. Teachers/Educators/Students can participate individually or as part of a group.

The video must not exceed five (5) minutes. The genre of the video is open: spot, documentary, fiction, video-clip, animation, digital story etc. The videos can cover any topic relevant or connected with Astronomy and the Universe. For example: planets, stars, solar systems, asteroids, comets, science behind astronomy, future space missions, challenges, space age, planetary exploration, future discovery of life in space, life on a space station, etc

First call: July 1   2017
Second call: August 1   2017 (Registration Open)
Deadline: October 30, 2017 (24:00 UTC)

The videos can be produced by any means and – preferably – must be uploaded on YouTube channel. The URL address of the video will be sent to the organizers via a Google form. The authors should be individual students or groups of students. Each participant/group must indicate the name of one responsible teacher and may submit up to three (3) video. The length of the video must not exceed 5-7 minutes.  The videos can be produced in any language but you must provide subtitles or the ‘script’ in English

The jury committee (from Looking …Up! Astronomy for ALL and IAU-OAD, students and other scientists) will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity
  2. Message clarity
  3. Best scientific content
  4. Inclusion
  5. Integration with the Curricula

Two (2) winners will be announced. These two (2) winners will receive a book (up to 50 EUROS). Special prizes can be announced for each criterion.

For underage students you must get parents / legal guardians agreements.

  1. You are welcome to share, comment and disseminate the competition using #MyViewComp #IAUOAD hastags
  2. Looking …Up! Astronomy for ALL will reproduce and dissemniate the videos worldwide, without prior notice, consent or compensation. The works will NOT be subject to any kind of marketing.

This information is available as PDF

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