Fourth ArAS School for Astrophysics

The ArAS School for Astrophysics (ArAS SfA) is an initiative of the Arab Astronomical Society (ArAS). Its objective is to give students the opportunity to be trained by professional astronomers to make up the shortage of expertise in the field. Using funds from IAU-OAD, we were able to provide full financial support to 12-15 brilliant students with financial need from different Arab countries (1-2 students/country). The full reports of FAWSA and AWSA-II and their impacts are available at We propose to organize ArAS-SfA4, a unique event in the Arab World where students will get the opportunity to meet and learn from astrophysics professors and researchers. They will not only learn about different topics and tools in astronomy but also give them the opportunity to learn about current research projects. We’ll introduce students to virtual observatories and archival databases, which will help foster international collaboration. ArAS SfA will actively help build regional and international research collaborations between students and researchers and ultimately motivate students to consider professional careers in the field. Our successful experience in FAWSA and AWSA-II in Morocco and expected success in SfA-3 in Lebanon will help us to organize ArAS-SfA4. ArAS SfA will end up in a sustainable program and will extend to a lifetime career of the participants.





Saudi Arabia








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