Final report

SYSTEM Sounds is a sci-art outreach project that converts the rhythm and harmony of the cosmos into music and sound. In 2019 we engaged the general public through exhibits, public talks, and online videos. As part of our artist residency with the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) we created and exhibited the Sonic Orbiter, an arcade-style game in which users explore the surface of the Moon through sound. This was exhibited alongside public talks at the Aga Khan museum and the OSC where it is now a permanent exhibit. We also produced three sonification videos which were featured in dozens of online publications. Our video showing the discovery of 4000 exoplanets was selected as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day and was viewed over 1 million times. With this project we inspired awe and wonder in a diverse audience by involving them in our sonic exploration of the universe.

Exhibited and demonstrated a prototype version of the Sonic Orbiter at:
– the OSC’s Tech Art Fair for 21hrs on Feb. 16-18, 2019 for regular guests of OSC
– Science Rendezvous Toronto for 8hrs on May 11 for the general public
– Doors Open Toronto for 16hrs on May 25-26 for the general public

Developed and constructed the Sonic Orbiter at OSC/MoCA artist residency from June 15-Sept 15. It was then installed and exhibited at the OSC on July 20.

Delivered 5 public talks on the music of the Moon at the AKM as part of the Festival of the Moon on July 21 and Aug. 21.

Poduced three sonification videos which were posted and shared widely on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook:
1 Billion Years of Moon Impacts converted to Music
Moon Elevation Converted to Sound
The First 4000 Exoplanets (full screen and 360 versions)

Project website

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