Final report

GATA Challenge brought together groups of amateurs and professional astronomers and computer programmers, designers, storywriters etc to develop technological applications that support astronomical cultural content in Arabic language. The project invited inter-disciplinary teams for an open competition to innovate on a technological

About 100 applications were received from which 12 teams were shortlisted. A pre-event was held to explain the challenge to the teams. The challenge was held in the form of a 3 day camp where the competing teams were supported by professionals in different fields such as design, marketing, programming. The teams received tips and training on idea design, game design, marketing, finance etc. Finally, on the last day, each team was provided ten minutes to pitch their project to a judging panel. 

The three projects that won the competition were
1-Skylendar – Android Application
2-Spaceexplorer – Game
3-GalaxyTrip – YouTubeChannel
The winners of GATA Challenge were incubated by the Arabic Business and Technology Innovative Center (ABTIC) for 2 months of work and training to develop their technical and business skills in topics of Business model, action plans, financial plans, marketing and pitching their projects in front of investors. At the same time lectures and text books of astronomy and astrophysics were offers to the teams in order to enhance their knowledge. The teams started working on their project in parallel with the incubation period and they are still developing their application and looking for opportunities to pitch their ideas.